Thermal analysis


Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Measures the heat flow associated with phase transitions or reactions, such as melting, crystallization, solid phase transition, glass transition, curing, sorption, etc. It is ideally used to determine melting point, glass transition temperature, crystallinity, crystalline impurities ,etc.

We have HP-DSC 1 Mettler which can use both as a regular DSC and as a high pressure DSC.

The new high-pressure DSC cell is based on the successful Thermal Analysis DSC 1 technology and guarantees outstanding performance thanks to its FRS5 and HSS7 DSC sensors. The HP DSC 1 operates at over pressures from 0 to 10 MPa and from room temperature up to 700 °C.

The high-pressure DSC is an excellent instrument for studying the influence of pressure and atmosphere on a sample or for separating an effect that is overlapped by vaporization.

Increased pressure influences all physical changes and chemical reactions in which a change in volume occurs. For material testing, process development or quality control there is often no alternative to DSC measurements under pressure.